Guest Speaker

    Carol Smith, Open Source Programs Manager at Google, USA

Biography: Carol Smith has been at Google for 7 years and has been administering the Google Summer of Code program for 3. She has experience in community management, network operations, and project management. She has a degree in photojournalism from California State University Northridge.

Invited Plenary Speakers

Sirine Tlili
Open Source Software Unit Chief at Ministry of Communication Technologies
E-mail: syrine.tlili@sei.gov.tn
Zied Ben Salem
Alpha Engineering Manager
E-mail: cto@alpha-engineering.net
Taha Ben Salah
Expert, ENISo
E-mail: taha.bensalah@gmail.com
Hassen Dhrif
General Manager at Open vision
E-mail:  hassen.dhrif@openvision.tn
Karim Chine
Cloud Era Ltd Manager
E-mail: karim.chine@gmail.com
Habib M’henni
Wikipedia Tunisia, ISET Nabeul
E-mail: habib.mhenni@gmail.com
Wael Ghabara
wikipedia Tunisia
E-mail: w.ghabara@hotmail.fr
Mahdi Njim
E-mail: njimmahdi@disycs.com

Workshop Speakers

Anis El Acheche
Ubuntu Tunisia
E-mail: elachecheanis@gmail.com
Nejmeddine Mefteh
SecuriNets, INSAT
E-mail: mefteh.nejmeddine@gmail.com
Ghassen Hamdi
SecuriNets, INSAT
E-mail: hamdighassen @gmail.com
Mohamed Halloul
Arduino, Digi-Freaks
E-mail: mohamedpsx@hotmail.fr
Ghayeth Mkhinini
Smart Projects at ISSAT Sousse
E-mail: ghayth.mkh@gmail.com
Mohamed Abaied
Smart Projects at ISSAT Sousse
E-mail: md29ab@hotmail.com
Rami Herrira
Smart Projects at ISSAT Sousse
E-mail: ramy.herrira@gmail.com
Ahmed Bessifi
E-mail: ahmed.bessifi@gmail.com
Safa Zakhama
E-mail: safa.89.saoudi@gmail.com
Slim Chtourou
Multimedia Club, ENIS
E-mail: slim.chtourouu@gmail.com
Semeh Arbi
OWASP Tunisia Chapter
E-mail: semeh.arbi@owasp.org
Wicem Zrelly
Google Student Ambassador at ENSI
E-mail: wicem.zrelly@gmail.com
Amine Belhassine
Android INSAT Club
E-mail: belhassine.amine@gmail.com
Bassem Kassis
Android INSAT Club
E-mail: kassis.bassem@gmail.com
Mohamed Taher Zwawa
Android INSAT Club
E-mail: zwawa.med@gmail.com
Mohammed Said Mezghanni
Open Source ENSI Club
E-mail: mezghani.mohamed.said@gmail.com
Issam Amouri
Communication and Networks club at ENIG
E-mail: issam.amouri.11@gmail.com

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