SFD Tunisia 2012 – Evaluation

Thank you for your participation. We would be very grateful if you could provide feedback on your experiences in the event. Feel free to write your comments using any language!

The event met stated goal:
Did not meet goal 12345 Met goal
Additional comments:

The event was:
Disorganized 12345 Well Organized
Not Useful 12345 Useful (Met your expectations)
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General impressions on the venue (Monastir Science Palace):
Disappointing 12345 Excellent
Additional comments about the venue (Auditorium, rooms, microphone, projector, etc.):

What do you think about the content presented during the SFD?

Did speakers meet your needs and expectations?
Disappointing 12345 Excellent
Name of your best speaker during the morning?    
Name of your best speaker during the afternoon?  
Additional comments:

What do you like most on this day?

What do you not like most on this day?

About Next SFD Tunisia 2013:
What could we improve next year?

What new topics should be included for the next year (Please include the name of key speakers)?

What ideas do you have for this day?

What is your preferable venue (name, city, capacity of the auditorium, etc.)?

For students, Do you like to join the organizing team of the next event?
For professionals, Do you like to financially support the next events?

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